DeepNetts at DevoxxUS 2017

DeepNetts will be presented at the IBM’s booth at Devoxx US, as a part of the demo for Visual Recognition API. Visual Recognition API is collaborative work of Java Champions Frank Greco and Zoran Sevarac with IBM’s cloud architect Sandhya Kapoor to create Java technology standard for Visual Recognition through the JCP. Visit IBM’s booth at Devoxx US to see the demo by Frank Greco.

DeepNetts at JavaOne 2016

Initial prototype of DeepNetts was presented at Java One 2016 at session "Deep Learning for Visual Object Recognition" by Zoran Sevarac. Session covered the basics of visual recognition using convolutional networks, followed by the basic demo which showed how all that looks in practice using DeepNetts. Room full of people, lots of questions and great discussion. Read more here



Artificial Intelligence and Java Performance discussion at about making Java No 1. development platform for artificial intelligence. What needs to be done, resolving performance and portability issues, ongoing projects by Zoran Sevarac Additional material along with benchmarks are available at github

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