What is DeepNetts?

DeepNetts is a Java software toolkit for building state-of-the-art visual recognition based on deep learning.

Why DeepNetts?

DeepNetts provides Java components and tools that make building visual recognition for Java much faster and easier then using other existing solutions.

Main Features

  • Easy to use, intuitive Image recognition and Deep Learning API
  • Based on best practice for Convolutional neural networks
  • Follows API design best practice and development guidelines for Java
  • Fully portable, pure Java (no dependencies on native libs or specialized hardware)
  • Integrates with NetBeans Java IDE, or available as a standalone GUI Tool
  • Can be used on-device or through cloud based Web API

Additional Tools

In addition to SDK, DeepNetts provides tools to build, test, tweak and deploy visual recognition components.

Understand and Debug

Additional tools that are needed to understand and debug machine learning models are essential for successful application of visual recognition, and thats where DeepNetts makes BIG difference compared to other solutions.

Multithreaded Image Processing Engine

DeepNetts platform includes high performance multi threaded image processing engine written in pure Java, that speed up development and integration of complete visual recognition solutions not just machine learning model.

Maximize productivity

DeepNetts tools are available directly from a Java IDE, in order to provide smooth development experience and maximize productivity.

Easy to learn and use, yet flexible

DeepNetts API completely frees developer from dealing with low level details of machine learning algorithms, the underlying implementations, but its also open and provides flexibility for those who want to do that.

Advanced algorithms and best practice techniques

Platform provides expert system and meta-machine learning algorithm to help developers without prior experience in machine learning to successfully develop custom solutions.