Developer Tools to Easily Build and Deploy Deep Learning for Java



Download the latest release 3.1.0 with Deep Netts  Deep Learning Java library and Visual AI Builder.


Quick Start

Step-by-step beginner friendly guide for installing and running a minimal example.



Use examples as a starting point for your project or follow step-by-step tutorials.

Simplified End-To-End Machine Learning Workflow

Deep Netts platform makes it easy to build ML models

We provide everything you need to build, test and deploy ML models in Java.
By utilizing visual tools and expert wizards to bridge the gap between software and AI development, the platform simplifies the development process, enhances productivity, and improves accuracy and understanding of machine learning (ML) models.
Pure Java software library substantially simplifies integration into existing Java applications and deployment of ML models on Java virtual machines.

ML models

ML models

Build and use
models in Java

Deep Netts
Deep Netts Platform for Enterprise

Empower and accelerate your AI journey

Accelerated development

With Deep Netts developer friendly, pure Java deep learning library and tools for building and testing machine learning models.

Easy to use

Machine learning development tool with step by step visual expert guide in integrated environment for end to end ML development process.

Rapid deployment

Seamless integration of ML models into your Java native applications and deployment to production.

Cost effectiveness

Deep Netts enables utilization of existing developer resources instead of hiring additional experts, decreasing employee costs.

Highly scalable

Deep Netts enables easy deployment to a large number of devices in heterogeneous environments.

Privacy & Security

With Deep Netts you own and control data, you own models. The solution enables secure Java integration.

Powerful AI tool for Java developers

Why choose Deep Netts?

Empowering developers and businesses towards AI/ML by enabling faster learning and easier deployment with two key
features Java-Native Deep Learning Library and ML Ops Tool with explainable AI


Easy to get started

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for developers to begin using it. It provides visual tools that allow users to build ML models without requiring extensive AI knowledge.


Simple integration and distribution of models

Designed and built for deployment into Java native environments. The platform offers straightforward integration and distribution options for the created models. Deep Netts solution enables easy, cost and resource efficient integration for machine learning.


Supported by Java community

Deep Netts provides reference implementation of the JSR 381 standard, supported by Java Community Process. JSR381 standard determines how Java applications talk to AI, and how Java developers approach solving ML problems.


Start building your ML models in minutes!