If you are not sure which licence you require please  contact us  and we will be happy to help.


$ 2499

A single application running the software in-house. 

  • One application
  • Up to 10 deployment locations
  • Updates and support

Embedded / Custom


Include Deep Netts library in a named end user application.

  • Custom number of applications
  • Custom number of deployment locations
  • Website and cloud deployment
  • Updates and support

Development license can only be used for development, which means that it cannot be used for deployment to production. We provide great opportunity to get development license for free if you build pilot project using Deep Netts and write blog post about it.

In-house license can be used for production for one in-house application or smaller websites with up to 10 deployment locations.

Embedded/Custom license allows distribution of Deep Netts library embedded in other applications, deployment to big websites, large number of devices and cloud deployment scenarions. We are aware that there are many different scenarios and use cases and we're looking forward to find the best options for your use case so please don't hesitate to contact us