Deep Learning Development Platform for Java Developers

Build Smarter Java Apps

Deep Netts Platform is a deep learning development platform, that provides deep learning library, integrated development tool, and Web services.

Deep Netts provides a complete, easy-to-use solution for Java developers who want to add deep learning to their applications, and become a part of the ongoing AI Revolution.

Demo Video

This video shows wizard-based workflow to create, train and test deep learning model using Deep Netts Platform.


Application oriented

Tools with focus on support for practical applications, not theory or research.

Wizard Based Expert System

Wizard system that provides expert guidence through a series of intuitive steps.

Visual Architecture Builder

Visual drag n' drop network architecture builder, with layer pallete and with network architecture in JSON format.

State of the Art algorithms

Supports Feed Forward and Convolutional network architectures with Backpropagation learning algorithm.

Easy to Integrate

Pure Java 8 Library, fully portable easy to integrate, deploy and maintain on a variety of platforms and devices.

Visualization and Logging

Advanced visualization and logging to understand and debug problems with data, architecture and training.


See screenshots of wizard based tools that guide you how to create, train and test deep learning model. Click images for more!

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