Deep Learning Development Platform for Software Developers

Development Tool and Pure Java Deep Learning Library Easy to Use for Non-Experts

Build Deep Learning Models with help of
Wizard Based Expert System

Wizard Based Expert System

Expert wizard guides you through the series of steps to solve your problem.

  • Automatically sets common options on a best practice basis, and minimizes the need for understanding of low-level configuration details
  • Applies best practice for data preprocessing
  • Creates and runs configurable, template-based end-to-end deep learning pipelines

Design and Edit Deep Learning Architectures using
Visual Drag 'n Drop Builder

Visual Builder

  • Drag 'n Drop Layers from Component Pallete
  • Inspect and edit individual layer properties
  • Generate deep learning architecture in readable JSON format

Understand and Debug Deep Learning Models using Visual Diagnostic Tools

Visualization, Logging and Debugging

Advanced visualization and logging to understand and debug problems with data, architecture and training.

  • Real time error and accuracy graphs
  • Real time training and outputs visualization
  • Prediction accuracy evaluation with commonly used metrics

And Use Deep Learning directly in your Java Code

Examples code below shows how to use and test a trained deep learning model in your Java code.

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