Deep Netts Single Small App License

Deep Netts Platform Bussines

    • Include and distribute the Deep Netts library in a single, small end user application
    • Includes library and tool up to 3 developers
    • Advanced Support
    • 50 $ per month/ Billed annually

Deep Netts Platform features

  • Step by step model wizard
  • End-to-end model training and debugging
  • Visual model builder
  • Feed forward and Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Understanding ML models
  • Visual model analysis
  • Tensorflow support
  • Build and use models directly in Java code
Free Development Single Small App Custom
Deployment to production and distribution
Number of developers 1 3 Custom
Number of applications Unlimited 1 Custom
Cloud or large scale embedded deployment
Technical support Free Standard Extended
If you're not sure which license fits best for your use-case please contact us  and we will be happy to help.
Free Support Standard Support Extended Support
Minor version updates
Major version updates
Submit support requests
Guaranteed first response time 5 working days 1 working day

Can I build an ML model for my app using Free Development license?

Yes, that is it’spurpose

Do you offer permanent licensing option?

Yes, please contact us with more details about your use case

Do you provide support for building AI models?

We do provide expert AI support for building ML models  as a part of custom support packages.

Can I upgrade my support package?

Yes, of course.

Do you provide source code?

Yes, for custom licensing options we provide source code