Deep Netts Platform

Accelerates development, enables rapid deployment and offers privacy and security within the Java native environment.

What is Deep Netts platform?

Deep Netts is a deep learning development platform in Java.
We provide everything you need to build, test and deploy machine learning models in Java.
By utilizing visual tools and expert wizards to bridge the gap between software and AI development, the platform simplifies the development process, enhances productivity, and improves accuracy and understanding of machine learning (ML) models.
Pure Java software library substantially simplifies integration into existing Java applications and deployment of ML models on Java virtual machines.

What can you do with Deep Netts platform?




What’s included?

Visual AI Builder

ML Development tool with step by step visual expert guide. Integrated environment for entire ML development process.

Java Deep Learning Library

Pure Java, developer friendly deep learning library for embedding ML models into existing applications.

Features highlights

Discover the power and innovation behind our platform.

Step by step model wizard

A user-friendly step-by-step wizard provides guidance throughout the entire process of building models.

End-to-end model training and debugging

Quickly iterate through different training settings, identify and resolve performance issues of the models.

Visual model builder

Easily create and modify neural network architectures using an intuitive drag-n-drop tool.

Visual model analysis

Examine and interpret models through the use of visualizations which enable a deeper understanding of the model’s behavior and the underlying patterns in data.

Understanding ML models

Gain insights into model inner workings, including architecture, parameters, and training process, to comprehend how they make predictions and evaluate their performance.

Convolutional and Feed Forward Neural Networks

Out-of-the-box support for the most commonly used models for image recognition, classification and numeric prediction.

Tensorflow support

Import trained Tensorflow models and deploy them in Java native environments.

Use ML directly in your Java code

Build and utilize machine learning (ML) models directly within Java code using intuitive API

Build and manage your ML project in Java