Deep Learning in Java

Made Easy for Non-Experts
Using Deep Learning IDE and intuitive API

Getting Started

Deep Learning IDE

Developer friendly tool for deep learning with the wizard based workflow. It provides step by step guidance, visual drag n'drop builder and debugging.
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Deep Learning Java Library

Pure Java deep learning library with intuitive API, easy to integrate and distribute with existing Java applications and edge devices. No native dependencies or special hardware requirements.

Java Technology Standard

Base for official Java Technology standard JSR381 for visual recognition and machine learning, developed by the expert group within official organization for Java Technology standardization JCP
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Why Deep Netts?


Beginner friendly

The fastest way for Java developers without experience with machine learning, to start using advanced AI in their applications. Learn more >


Simple integration with lower cost

Easy to integrate, distribute and maintain deep learning solution enables sustainable and cost effective innovation.


Scalable Deployment for Edge AI

Perfect fit for small-scale machine learning problems (in terms of data and model size) with large scale deployment on Edge devices.


Rich tool support

Great user experience with friendly tools for users with software development background.

What can you do with Deep Netts?


Classify data items, text, users, banner clicks, transactions into a set of predefined categories. The most commonly used machine learning task which can help automate manual steps, increase productivity and efficency of your business processes.

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Predict numeric values in order to make better decisions, optimize costs or resource usage. Even rough estimation is better than nothing for managing complex processes.

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Image Recognition

Categorize or recognize objects in images with great precission using state of the art convolutional neural networks.

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Anomally Detection

Detect unusual patterns that deviate from common, expected behaviour.

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Parking lot occupancy detection using deep learning in Java

This tutorial shows you how you can use Deep Netts to create visual parking lot occupancy detection using deep learning in Java.The data set contains labeled images of vacant and occupied parking spaces, extracted from the camera under different light conditions.

Cloud classification using deep learning in Java

This tutorial demonstrates how to perform cloud image classification in Java using deep learning. Cloud image classification is important for many applications, including climate modeling, weather prediction, solar energy production, satellite imaging, satellite communication, and many others.

Why Deep Learning in Java?

#1 Development Platform

12 Million Java Developers
13 Bilion Java Devices

#1 Enterprise platform

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies run enterprise Java apps in production.

Key for enabling AI on large scale

Having state of the art and developer friendly deep learning on top of Java platform is the key for scaling AI accross all of the Java devices and applications.