About Us

Deep Netts is to create a cutting-edge Java-based deep learning platform for enterprises that empowers them to unlock the full potential of their data. All done in Java, by Java developers. We aim to democratize access to this transformative technology and help usher in a new era of intelligent automation and decision-making.

Deep learning platform

Uniquely positioned to solve AI for Java

Deep learning platform We’re uniquely positioned as Java thought leaders to define the future of AI in Java. Our founder is a Java Champion and Machine learning developer, who has so far built Neuroph – an open source Java neural network framework and Development Environment for neural networks. He has also co-led implementation of JSR381 standard that determines how Java applications talk to AI, and how Java developers approach solving ML problems. We’re enabling scaling and adoption of AI in the Java developer community.
Reference implementation of the JSR 381 standard, supported by Java Community Process, as the official Java technology standard for visual recognition in machine learning. JCP members who supported our standard are Oracle, Twitter, IBM, Intel, Alibaba, Goldman Sacks, BNY Mellon, SAP, Fujitsu and others.

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Deep Netts Technologies DOO
Street address: Pančićeva 6/5
City: Belgrade
Zip code: 11000
Country: Republic of Serbia
Company Registration Number: 21860689
Tax ID Number: 113402509
Website: www.deepnetts.com
Email: contact@deepnetts.com
CEO: Zoran Ševarac
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Zoran Sevarac PhD

CEO and Cofounder

Jelena Sevarac

COO and Cofounder

Nikola Tomasevic

VP of Growth

Frank Greco