Machine Learning & AI

JSR 381 – The standard Java API for Machine Learning

JSR 381, also known as the Java Specification Request 381, is a proposal within the Java Community Process (JCP) aimed at standardizing APIs for defining and executing deep learning models in Java. The JCP is the mechanism through which the Java community develops and revises Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits.

JSR 381 specifically focuses on providing standardized APIs for deep learning frameworks in Java, enabling developers to work with deep learning models in a consistent and interoperable manner. This standardization helps foster innovation, promote compatibility between different deep learning libraries, and streamline the development of deep learning applications within the Java ecosystem.

Key objectives of the JSR 381

Key objectives of the standard Java API for machine learning include:

  • Defining common APIs for tasks such as building, training, evaluating, and deploying deep learning models.
  • Ensuring compatibility and interoperability between different deep learning frameworks and tools in Java.
  • Providing a consistent programming interface for developers to work with deep learning models, regardless of the underlying framework being used.
  • Promoting best practices and standard patterns for deep learning development in Java.
  • Facilitating the integration of deep learning capabilities into existing Java applications and frameworks.

The creation of JSR 381 reflects the growing importance of deep learning in Java and the need for standardized APIs to support its adoption and development within the Java community. By establishing a common set of interfaces and specifications, JSR 381 aims to simplify the development and deployment of deep learning solutions in Java, ultimately benefiting developers, organizations, and the broader Java ecosystem.

Reference Implementation for Deep Learning in Java

Deep Netts community edition is the reference implementation of JSR 381 the standard Java API for #machinelearning created within the Java Community Process (JCP)

Zoran Sevarac, PhD and Frank Greco are the specification leads and Winners of the 21st JCP Annual Awards – JCP Member/Participant of the Year;Frank and Zoran have been promoting the JCP and their JSR at various talks and Java events throughout the year.