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Deep Learning Tutorial for Java Developers

This series of tutorials will introduce you to deep learning as quick as possible, and give you enough understanding so you can start working on your own projects immediately.
The tutorials are designed in such way, that the only prerequisite knowledge is Java programming. They will map the machine learning concepts to what Java developers understand – classes and methods, hide complexity of the math , and give intuitive understanding of principles required for effective usage and application.

1. Machine Learning Tutorial for Java Developers 
This tutorial explains what is machine learning, how it works and how to use it. Since deep learning is one of the machine learning techniques,  first you need to understand some machine learning basics.

2. From Basic Machine Learning to Deep Learning in 5 Minutes
Explains evolution of deep learning from basic mathematical and statistical procedures, but without heavy math, and with reference to Java code examples and API docs.

3. How to do image recognition using deep learning in Java 
This tutorial shows how to create a simple binary image classifier using a convolutional neural network, that can assign images of Java community mascot, Duke, to one of two possible categories