Open Source Deep Learning in pure Java – Deep Netts Community Edition

What is Deep Netts Community Edition?


  • A free open-source version of Deep Netts Java deep learning library
  • Pure Java implementation of the most important and commonly used deep learning algorithms
  • Used as a reference implementation for the official Java technology standard for Visual Recognition API, JSR381
  • Licensed under open-source GNU GPLv2 with the Classpath Exception. For more details see here   
  • It is suitable to try tutorial examples and learn basics of deep learning in Java.


How to Get and Use Deep Netts Community Edition?


  • Deep Netts Community Edition is available on Central Maven Repository. Dependency for Deep Netts to use for Maven-based Java project:





What are the differences between Community and Professional Editions?

Professional Edition provides


  • Tools: Visual development tools with project templates, best-practice workflows and expert assistant
  • Better Accuracy and advanced features  more advanced algorithms and additional algorithm features
  • Increased performance. Over 3X faster depending of the size of network and CPU.
  • Premium support: documentation, updates, fixes

Professional Edition can be used free for development and low volume production. Free Download is available here 

For more info see Frequently Asked Questions