Deep Netts @ JavaOne 2022 in Las Vegas


Deep Netts will be presented at a premium Java conference JavaOne in Las Vegas as a part of the session Make your Java Apps Learn and See. The presentation will provide brief overview of JSR381 Java technology standard for computer vision using machine learning, and show how to learn and build AI for your Java apps in hours instead of weeks or months. Participants will learn about exciting new features of Java AI programming and how DeepNetts helps you to build custom ML models using high-level Java API to understand images or recognize patterns in data, and easily put AI models in production. The session will be presented by Java Champions Zoran Sevarac and Frank Greco, both members of the core Deep Netts team, which gives you the unique opportunity to learn about Deep Netts from their creators. If you’re comming to JavaOne this year, we’d love to meet you and chat about your Java AI projects.
Check out and schedule the session here