Dukes Choice Award 2018 goes to Apache Net Beans at Code One, San Francisco

Dukes Choice Award 2018

Apache Net Beans project has won the most prestigious award for the innovationon Java platform at Oracle Code One Conference in San Francisco.
Zoran Sevarac, Deep Netts CEO, as a long time NetBeans contributor was part of the group who received the award. Also, this is of great importance for Deep Netts Platform, since our tools are based on API’s from Net Beans Platform. Also this shows the dynamic development and innovation capacity of oneof the main Java IDE’s used by more than 1 000 000 Java developers (according to official statistics).

See full video from the Dukes Choice Award at

Read the official announcement from Oracle:

Also check out the great interview with Geertjan Wielenga to get the idea whats going on behind the scene with Apache Net Beans, and the challanges durng the transition from Oracle to Apache: