Java Technology Standard – JSR381 Visual Recognition API

Deep Netts Community Edition is the reference implementation of the official Java Technology Industry Standard JSR381
The specification for this standard is developed within Java Community Process (JCP) organization which is the official organization for standardization of Java technologies, which includes all the major companies in Java ecosystem.

JSR381 “VisRec” is a standard high-level API that allows Java developers a Java-centric API for basic Machine Learning (ML), image classification, and object recognition. One of the goals of JSR #381 is to provide a common reusable design for Java machine learning development in different domains.  There are already several implementations. The reference implementation is based on Deep Netts, a pure Java deep learning library.  Another exciting implementation was completed by Amazon using their Deep Java Library, an open-source library to build and deploy ML applications natively in Java.

As one of the initiators of this standardization Deep Netts is one of the Expert group leaders.
Expert groups includes companies like Oracle, IBM and Amazon.






JSR 381 presentation at a meetup of New York Java User Group