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Why Java Will Dominate the Future of Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data

Great presentation by Bernard Traversat,  Head of the Java platform development, at Oracle Code One 2018, San Francisco. Here are key points:

  • Entire Big Data stack for storing data is written in Java (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Elastic Search, …)
  • Java has enormous ecosystem of tools and libraries
  • Enterprises run on Java
  • Bringing new technology into enterprise (such as AI, ML) is a huge challange
    because there is a lot to learn, and that gives Java and JVM huge advantage because enterprise allready knows Java and JVM. Technology needs to be understood by the enterprise.
  • Easy access and lower cost to develop, deploy and maintain:
    • easy access to developers
    • cost efficency (cost vs ROI)
    • maintainability as the code size is growing and aging (thanks to code readability)
  • Java is in the foundations of the cloud
  • Incoming Java innovations for ML, AI and BigData (
    •  Panama, more efficent replacement for JNI (faster and easier communication with GPU).  Also the support for vector computing natively inside the JVM and Vector API
    • Valhalla, new type system for more efficient manipulation with data in memory
    • Loom, lightweight threads for massive parallel processing
    • ZGC, order of magnitude better performance for memory management
  • To conclude:
    • Java is #1 Programming Language
    • There are 12 Milion Java Developers
    • 38 Billion active JVM-s
    • 21 Billion cloud connected VM